The Religious Hypocrisy Of The Black Community

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I. Themes
a. Religious Hypocrisy
Source five page 219-
● In Hurston’s fiction she depicts people in the black community who claim to be religious, actually have malice and greed at heart.
● Hurston always makes the distinction between real Catholics and and hypocrites.
○ Ex: Deacons of Zion Hope and Reverned John Pearson’s church in Jonah’s Gourd Vine are without mercy. ( Gossip, conniving, treacherous)
○ Ex: Malicious Israelites in her novel Moses, Man of the Mountain.
● She shows that it is true that many blacks profess faith but many differ by how closely they follow their faith.
b. Social Happiness depends on Christian love.
Source Five page 219
● She is also a philosopher who believes happiness depends on Christian love.
○ Ex: Reverend John Pearson’s love affair in Jonah’s Gourd Vine leads to his suicid.
● The sorrow and hurt of the minister in Jonah’s Gourd Vine results from his incapability of love.
● Ex: In The Gilded Six Bits, Joe continues to love his wife after she cheats and in Their Eyes were Watching God Jamie continued to love her husband after he stole from her.
○ In Seraph on the Suwannee, Hurston depicts a white couple from two completely different social classes who can 't understand each other 's feelings and their marriage fails.
○ This shows she believed that a true love can make someone stay happy.
○ Ex: In Arvay, the characters are simbólico of those who hold prejudices and are never truly happy till they learn to love their
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