The Religious Law Of Judaism

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In the religion Judaism people who are a part of this religion are called Jews. Judaism has about 14 million current adherents. They were ranked the 12th largest religion in size. Judaism is practiced in Israel, Europe, and in the U.S.A .Their sacred text is the bible, they have other authorized scriptures like the Talmud, Midrash, and the Responsa. In Judaism there religious law is the Halakhah Law. Their house of worship is the Synagogue and they worship mostly on Saturday. The church and state are separate. Judaism was founded to be unknown, but the founder is Moses or Abraham. Also Judaism was founded in Palestine. The original language is Hebrew. Judaism had little early expansion. It was mostly in Palestine. Judaism’s major splits were reform / orthodox, in the 1800’s.Jews vary their views on the scared text. They have one good and one bad human nature. The means of salvation is that the belief in god, also the good deeds. Divine revelation and forgiveness are Gods role in salvation. They have either heaven or no after life for a good after life. Now for the bad after life they have reincarnation or no after life.
People who are a part of the religion Islam are called Muslims. Islam has 1.3 billion followers. This makes the 2nd largest rank in size. You can find Islam in the Middle East, and in South East Asia. The Muslims sacred text is the Qur’an (Koran). They have other texts they look at. They are called the Hadith. Islam’s religious law is the law called Sharia
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