The Religious Life on Planet Earth

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All these religions are based on a strong belief system and a set of cultural practices that are aimed to provide meaning to life.
Criteria to determine a religious life
One of the biggest criterion for determining a religious life is the presence of a strong faith in a particular God. Though each religion follows a different God, there is nevertheless a common belief in the existence and power of God.
This strong faith in God induces people to lead a moral life. They abide by certain rules that are established to help them lead a peaceful life with their fellow beings. Most of the religions are believed to have started as a way to help people to live a peaceful and harmonious life.
The third criteria for a religious life is to explore the meaning and origin of life. How was earth formed and where did people come from? The people of earth strive to answer these questions and understand their role on earth through religion.
Examples of behaviors and beliefs
Numerous instances can be used as examples to show that the people of earth are religious, based on the above criteria. Firstly, there is a strong belief in the existence of God. Idol worship is followed in many religions today with Hinduism leading the way. In fact, Hinduism is considered to be the oldest active religion in the…

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