Essay on The Religious Power

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Religion, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary is a belief in and reverence for a supernatural power accepted as the creator and governor of the universe (Houghton Mifflin, 2001). With that said, there is no commonly accepted definition of religion. Different people and different experts have different views of religion. Many people associate the religion with belief in some entity generally described as God. But then different religions and even people within a formally defined religion may hold different views about the nature of God. The only commonality between all religions is that they are all directed at guiding the individual behavior in directions that are expected to lead to their personal good as well as that of the society…show more content…
Individuals may admit to not having a religious preference or belief, but as a people or nation the same sentiment imbues a sense of lesser beings. Religion empowers people with a greater sense of being (THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR THE PSYCHOLOGY OF RELIGION, 2009). For as many different religions that there are in the world, each has a different function and possible different method of control and manipulation that can be imposed by the governing body. Our Nation is unique in that we have no National religion or vast majority religion that has a guiding and overlying pull on society. Ours is a young nation in the grand scheme of things and the more ancient a people, the more deep routed their religion is engrained in their culture and actions. Take Israel for example, while in the modern context they may also be a young nation, if you were to ask an Israeli national they would tell you that their nation is as old as the Old Testament or the Torah as they call their holy book. They trace their lineage all the way back past the temple of Solomon where they believe the Wailing Wall still stands. People have fought for their beliefs and been driven by their need and desire to be a nation since these ancient times. In a people as ancient as this their culture has developed intertwined with religion. This aspect of functionality is lost in the
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