The Religious Situation During The Post Quiet Revolution

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The religious situation in the post-Quiet Revolution (Révolution tranquille) Québec has evolved into a complex social debate where some adherents consider religion a necessity for our public institutions, whereas some detractors threat it as a taboo subject that one should keep part of his/her private life. The overcoming of the Duplessis’ Great Darkness (Grande Noirceur) reign was echoed by major political and social changes where the clerical-dominated State was questioned and ultimately democratically overthrown. These changes left the province into an ongoing secularization of its institutions and the authorities would, decades later, abolish the formal instruction of religion in the school system. As far as my personal experiences go, I would truly like to assert that religion does not have any impingement on my present life. However, I realize that it is easy to overlook certain facts and enter in a mere denial state where the reality is not accurately portrayed as the actual truth. Even though some people would be tempted to immediately disassociate themselves from any religion, they would first need to consider the historical baggage that a religion carries and the influence it has on their own culture. I was obviously not born before the Duplessis era. Therefore, I did not personally experience the uncompromising religious practices of that period. However, I was lucky enough to have parents and grandparents that were alive to give me a detailed portrait
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