The Religious Themes Of The Epic Of Beowulf

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In Beowulf, two types of religion are portrayed by one unknown author, and play an important role in the interpretation of the epic poem. Paganism is one of the religions that are portrayed in the epic, and it is speculated that before it was written and recorded that the work was actually focused around a Pagan belief system before the Christian coloring and allusions were added. Christianity is the second religion being portrayed in this Epic Poem. It is theorized that a monk was the one that added the Christian themes to the work as he was recording it. Monks were famous for being scribes and recording different works in their solemn monasteries. These are only theories, and this paper will discuss both of the religious themes and the impacts they both contribute to this amazing piece of literature.
Beowulf has its religious roots in paganism and that is quite evident being that the tale is revolved around the Geats and the Danes. The epic was speculated to have been written around either the 600s or 700s for the fact that they depict historical figures deaths. The Geats and Danes were largely Pagan tribes that believed in multiple gods, and that fate and honor controlled the outcome of their immortality. In 1066 A.D. when William the Conqueror took control of the British Isles he brought with him Christianity. After the invasion a single tattered manuscript of the Epic has survived. That is when it was theorized that the monks took the piece it colored it with the

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