The Religious Views Of Buddhist Religion

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Buddhist temples was an area I have been intrigued to go. My friend talked about her growing up in a Buddhist religion. Some of the idealistic beliefs they hold and the actions they do in order achieve those beliefs. I never thought I would go because I did not know much about approaching. This assignment helped me achieve that. I will go over my experience with why I chose this, how it went, the and relations with the readings/class. Basically, trying to answer the questions in a format and analyze my experience. This projected allowed me to go a place and not only go but to learn about my experience. I learned a lot about the religion and know how to approach it. Also, reflect on my experience which I often do not do when I go to new places.
I selected this activity because I been curious about religion. Especially, religions outside of Christianity. I always heard positive things about the Buddhist religion and I was curious about going. I grew up with two different religious views but they both had similar views. I wanted to see how Buddhism worked. They seem like they would have a different approach on things. I remember in my Pre-History Eastern course briefly talk about Buddhism. One thing I found interesting was they seek nirvana. A state where they find peace. Although, the religion is also in Vietnamese language. There could be a different view. I chose this community because religion has been a complicate thing to me. I want to see the positive about religion. I
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