The Reluctant Fundamentalist Analysis

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Lover or Foe

In The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Moshin Hamid, The main character Changez experiences life both as an American and as a Pakistani. The setting take place in a restaurant in Lahore and Changez is talking to a stranger to our knowledge about his endeavors in America. Changez is in America, and finds himself becoming more and more fond of the American lifestyle and even meets a girl named Erica who he first thinks is the love of his life. Fast forwarding into the future Changez’s job is not all as great as he thinks and America in general is not the dream he thought he had been living, Changez soon figures this out after his relationship with Erica becomes a total bust and his job isn’t the amazing job he thought it was, and he soon feels like a slave to America and the American ways of life. He ends up returning to Lahore back home and becomes a professor at a university, and is an advocate to disengagement from America to Lahore. Within this novel Hamid shapes the protagonist, Changez, as someone who is sincerely both a lover and critic of America. Changez truly does love America, at least in the beginning, because it was like his relationship with Erica: you first meet a person and you like what you see, and you get to know that person and start developing feelings and enjoy being with that person, like he did being in America, but when he started finding out bad things or things she was doing he did not like, like he did when he found out America was bombing near his country. When Changez found this out he felt in a sense betrayed. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love America anymore, but he was simply unaware and now that he’s aware he became a critic as well as a lover. There are many people who travel to America under the impression that they will be “Living the American Dream” and before see nothing but love for America. That is exactly what we seen happen with Changez when he first came to America and we see his love for it grow. Changez at one point is embarrassed to admit he is actually from Pakistan when he started working for a huge American company by saying, “To be reminded of this vast disparity was, for me, to be ashamed. But not on that day. On that day, I did not think of
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