The Reluctant Fundamentalist Analysis

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist is an eye-opening novel by the Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid. This first person written novel will draw you in from the very beginning. The book opens in a cafe in Lahore, Changez, the main character's hometown. In this cafe is where Changez approaches a western man, who is obviously a foreigner. Changez seems to be very comfortable with the stranger right from the very beginning. However, on the other hand the stranger is understandably quite anxious during their conversation over warm tea in the cafe.
From the start of the conversation we start to learn about who Changez is. We find out that he is a well educated young man who went to the states, from Pakistan, for an ivy education. After earning his degree Changez went to go work for a very successful company in New York as a financial consultant. We also learn about the struggle Changez faces after 9/11 as a Pakistani man, as well as his very messy and unhealthy relationship he has with an American woman, Erica.
As Changez’s story unfolds throughout the book, the theme of Americanization reoccurs through clever ambiguities that the book is full of. This novel perfectly shows many “American ideals” that Changez is striving for. Some of those being being financially secure, having a great education, and having a steady relationship with a beautiful woman. In The Reluctant Fundamentalist Changez, in my opinion, finds his American self. That is until the tragedy of 9/11 happens.
Before 9/11
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