The Reluctant Fundamentalist Analysis

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In, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, written by Mohsin Hamid, the main character, Changez seems to be an unreliable source. Throughout the novel, there is a dinner that Changez is having with an American, who seems to be uneasy the entire meal. Changez tells this American about all his many memories of his life, both good and bad. Hamid choose to write this novel from only Changez’s point of view so the audience is never told what the other end of the conversation is and only sees it through Changez’s eyes. This leads the audience that he may not always be telling the truth. Changez is able to get away with not telling the truth because no one can question him. The audience does not know what really happened so we can’t say that we are absolutely sure he is lying. However, Changez does show some signs that he in fact, is not being completely factual. Although no one ever truly discovers Changez lying or telling incorrect information about his life, it is revealed to the audience that Changez is not telling the truth about what happened during his lifetime with his unusual actions. Throughout the novel the audience is introduced to sketchy and unusual things that go on in Changez’s life. The audience first discovers that Changez may not be trustworthy when he states, “I stared as one — and then the other — of the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center collapses. And then I smiled. Yes, despicable as it may sound, my initial reaction was to be remarkably pleased.” (Hamid
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