The Reluctant Workers

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Bus 375 – Project Management Homework Assignment #1 Strayer University 1. Identify and analyze three of the core skills that were at play in the case of the reluctant workers, referencing the ten skills described in Chapter 4. In the Reluctant Workers case study there were three core skills directly related to proficiency in effective program management at play: Team Building, Conflict Resolution and Leadership. I will discuss these three core skills along with an analysis of the way Tim Aston the young project manager exercised his effectiveness skills. Will also discuss the degree of support the company provided the project manager and to what extent he received it. And the…show more content…
In the final analysis, Tim has the sole responsibility for his program and how conflict will contribute to its success of failure. Tim being the effective project manager took the time to complete a stakeholder analysis that identified the business need for projects by setting goals and establishing requirements to avoid conflict in the future. Leadership The third core skill at play was Leadership. Expertise in leadership skills is surely a success in any organization. Tim was being effective as a project leader because he had a vision of where he wanted his team to go. He appeared to be a visionary who thrived on change and wanting to drive new boundaries. The Director of Project Manager did not have the same vision as Tim because he told him that “this is essentially how we operate in this company; people think they come first and the project comes second; this is the way of life in this organization; most people are set in their ways and have reached the top of their pay grade and have no place to go”. He instructed Tim to do some reading on human behavior. Tim is a young project manager and he will find out that leadership is only learned by doing; it will not be easy, can be very complex and is hard work. Recommendations There are several recommendations that can be made to both the senior executive and the project manager to become more effective in their
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