The Renaissance And Humanism During The Renaissance

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During the 14th Century a new period in time was born. It was called the Renaissance. This was a time of rediscovery when an explosion of new ideas would overturn the medieval world and would continue to spread throughout Europe. During the renaissance a group of people known as humanists created and spread new ideas. Humanism changed how people think and it started the renaissance. Humanism was an idea whose focus was on humans. The focus was on the value and word of each individual and it was based on the ideas of ancient Greek and Rome. It is the renaissance that brought back to life the European culture. The renaissance was a period when Europe experienced a deep cultural awakening that was very different from the Dark Ages. Renaissance…show more content…
Different countries dressed in their own way. The Northern European countries were distorting the natural figure by padding sleeves and stockings. Germans made improvements on the natural silhouette. Most men bobbed their hair and kept it shorter. Women wore low crowned hat in the same fashion as men and covered their hair with head dresses.

Renaissance saw the rebirth of the new European culture after the miserable Dark Ages. Essentially the Renaissance was an efflorescence of arts and ideas in Europe that coincided with the rediscovery of Greek and Roman culture. Renaissance used the classical beliefs to renew the society and it focused on individualism which is an emphasis on the dignity and work of each person. Renaissance humanism opened up a new world for scholars

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