The Renaissance And The Ancient Mediterranean Periods

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If I were to be in artist in the past the two periods I would choose to create art would be during the Renaissance and the Ancient Mediterranean periods. The reason for the Renaissance would be because of their religious influenced paintings and sculptures. Artists during this period developed a linear technique that created a deep, convincing space that set the figures in a sculpture or painting that made it appear as if the scene is alive and right before them. The reason for selecting the Ancient Mediterranean period is because of my interest in the Egyptian art and how they illustrate their culture in their sculptures and paintings. These two periods appeal to my background knowledge and interest of the bible stories I heard as youth. During the Renaissance I would have designed a painting titled, In the Beginning, by Melissa Torres, 1420 because: during this time period is when artist were creating paintings that presented a convincing illusion of a scene as if it were happening right there in front of them. My painting would include Adam and Eve standing in the Garden of Eden near the tree they were not allowed to eat from. Using the technique of linear perspective I would create deep space to set my figures from the background of the tree and the garden. Some of the many paintings and sculptures created during this time period were created from religious influence. What appeals to me is the early artwork of Donatello’s sculpture, Saint Mark, during the period of
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