The Renaissance And The Art Of The Renaissance

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Originating around the 17th century in the western world, Baroque music was a product of the greater “Baroque” time period. This period of unique cultural inspiration began in Rome and Italy, the countries that also initiated the Renaissance, to spread to the majority of Europe and even parts of Eurasia. This was a time that correlated with the innovation and thirst for knowledge of the Renaissance, with music and the arts literally taking center stage in European life. Music was not only revitalized, but painting, theatre, sculpture, architecture, and philosophy arose to a height during the excellence of the Baroque time period. Divided up into 3 overlapping phases or eras- Early, High, and Late Baroque- the time period lasted for over 170 years but still lives on as a vital period of western classical music. The Medieval and Renaissance time period that preceded the Baroque era from 1600-1760 was sparked by driving factors that initiated the movement of cultural thought. In the case of the Baroque movement, a combination of factors, from philosophy and visual art, have influenced this period. The “Age of Enlightenment,” or the Baroque period, has extrapolated the trend of innovation from the Renaissance to the field of music and culture years later. The Renaissance included the emphasis on natural reality, literature, and an increase in public religion, science, and even politics. This mindset and cultural revival continued into the late 1500’s to spark the
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