The Renaissance And The Rebirth Of The Renaissance

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The Renaissance and the Reformation acted as a rebirth. This included the rebirth of art, education, Greek and Roman values, and religion. An important part of the rebirth is art. This played a big role in the rebirth of the middle ages. The rebirth of art shows the rebirth of technology with Raphael and Michelangelo which allowed them to portray reality. With new technical knowledge like the study of anatomy and astronomy, artists achieved new places in religious paintings. As skills increased, artist’s skills raised and art methods were improved. This was to up the ability to represent reality which was an ideal factor in the Renaissance. Because reality was so important, there was increase of the importance of psychological and physical reality for the glorification of the human body. An example of this would be Brunelleschi's Resurrection of the Son of Theophilus in which he paints the face with wrinkles, pimples, and more. This shows the reality of the face. Education was an important part of the rebirth of culture and customs. During the times of the Germanic invasions, education only focused on perfection and idealistic beliefs, not the realistic views of the Renaissance. An example of this would be the polis. During the early middle ages before the Renaissance the idea of the perfect polis, like Athens and Sparta, was very important. Ideas of perfection with education was not important during the Renaissance. The idea of reality started with Francesco Petrarch's
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