The Renaissance Er The Era Of The Individual

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The Renaissance period started in the 14th century and later ended in the 16th century. Right after the Gothic era ended the Renaissance period was born. Additionally, people believe that the Gothic era contained artwork that later evolved in the Renaissance time period. For instance, Gothic art had a naturalistic representation and so did Renaissance art. However, it was more obvious in the Renaissance art. During this time period there was sparks of interest in the sciences and arts. Before many people had forgot about them or either had no interest in them. The last time those two subjects were at a high note was before the middle ages. This revival of sciences and arts took place during the fifteenth century and is known as the Renaissance. The word Renaissance is French and means “rebirth”, which perfectly describes what happened to the arts and sciences. Ultimately, the Renaissance era was the era of the individual. Renaissance art included human beings and was a change in the art world. The last time human beings were being represented in art was during classical antiquity. For instance, an artist named Donato Bardi created a naked life-size sculpture. He named it David and gave it contrapposto pose, which means the human figures legs and hips are turned in the opposite direction of the shoulders and chest. Bardi was the first artist to create a naked life-size sculpture during this time period. The architecture artwork created during this time was very accurate in

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