The Renaissance Era

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The Renaissance Era was a time known as rebirth. Though the renaissance era had many problems, the people during that time period had been able adjust. This era directed people toward the way of better living. It allowed them to further their knowledge and gather ideas. The English Renaissance changed the lives of the people who lived during darker times. This time period motivated many people born during this time to become greater things.
During the English Renaissance, people began to study the human body more thoroughly, more commonly known as humanists. Those who were humanists and believed in humanism were not seen as people nor did they believe in Christianity. Over time, people began to accept other religions. They also began to gain ideas on how exactly the world had been created and how it functioned. During the renaissance, the people of this time period began to believe in Greek mythology and Christianity.

People weren’t as interested in their original religion as much as they used to. Some began to focus more on their own lives, rather than churches and their god. Because the people wanted to get to know themselves better, they became more influenced on studying other things like Greek mythology and Roman writings. The use of humanism had become very popular during the renaissance period. Using the knowledge they gained about the human body, and made art work that could display the features of a human being more thoroughly. They wanted their works of art to…
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