The Renaissance Era

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The Renaissance Era took place for a time period that lasted for approximately 150 years and during that time significant changes took place. These changes were with the Arts, Literature, Fashion, and ideals. “The entire age can be subdivided into three phases: from 1350 to 1400 during which discovery of ancient texts and experimentation with new art forms took place; 1400 to 1500 typified by political stability in the Italian city-states and the creation of recognizable cultural; and 1500 to 1550 dominated by foreign invasion and the diffusion of the Italian Renaissance to the rest of western Europe” (“Renaissance Society”). The birth of the Renaissance took place in Italy after the most destructive plagues that caused enormous loss of life and this was the Black Plague (Life in Italy). The plague was a tragic time which killed so many people and was difficult to survive. “Despite the plague, the quality of life for surviving citizens of the Renaissance may have improved” (“Renaissance Society”). Life was still considered hard in those times. Children were vulnerable to death and diseases and not many survived into adulthood (“Daily Life”). Those that were born into wealthy families had a better chance of survival. At that time, children were to act like their parents and they had no rights (“Daily Life”). Within the Renaissance period the general attitude towards children began to change. These attitude adjustments can be seen with the changes in the art work

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