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During the Renaissance era, the main concept was that it put human life, security, and religion at the interior. Renaissance literally means “rebirth” and it is a perfect visualization of what the renaissance was. The renaissance was a era of peace and prosperity which gave people a chance to be creative and passionate about their loves in life; whether it be painting or sculpting of theatre or music or any other thing in life. In the renaissance many inventions and discoveries were made. A few examples would be the exploring of continents, Ptolemaic astronomy, the decline of feudal system, paper, printing, the compass, and of course, the use of gunpowder.

The renaissance began in the 1400’s although some historians believe it
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Modern languages also must be distinct for trade and economy to be crisp, thus the use of the vernacular. This leads us to our next necessity, economic stability. This must be preserved for the safety of the people. All these things lead to one thing; peace, which is what the renaissance era was all about. Peace was the one thing that gave Europe a chance to prosper and advance. Each and every one of these aspects are needed before any revivification of humanity can exist.

There were three poets in the Italian Renaissance. Their names were Petrarch, Dante, and Boccaccio. These poets had very different, yet quite similar opinions on the theory of genius. Dante believed genius stood alone in a uniform world and created what it wanted, when it wanted, how it wanted. Petrarch thought genius came with the past, and reaches into the oblivion of thought we call forgetting, and revives lost tradition. And Boccaccio believed Genius came with bliss, unaffected by death.

In the beginning of the fourteenth century, Italy gained knowledge in science. Copernicus produced the heliocentric theory, and with that, he revolutionized astronomy. This of course, led to Galileo, which led to the war between science and religion. Near the end of the fourteenth century, however, Italy was lost to Spain. In 1494 King Charles VIII started to invade Italy. For over five hundred years France and Spain competed for the possession of the country.

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