The Renaissance Era Was A Prosperous Time For Art From

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The Renaissance era was a prosperous time for art from the 15th century to 17th century. Europe had reached the end of the middle ages. The middle age is often defined by characteristics such as martial order and absolute hierarchy. European countries did not thrive in terms of technology nor have any advancements in terms of the economy either. The Renaissance period which came after the middle age completely contrasts its preceding era. A new philosophy that later on came to be known as ‘humanism’ was rising. It is therefore necessary to discuss humanism and associated changes to the European society of the 15th century in order to examine the cause of such a unified movement towards the regaining of artistic significance in Europe. In…show more content…
In consideration of the middle age, the general populace did not have the luxury of searching for new heights in the field of art. The greatest obstacle that the community faced were the outbreak of disease and war. This resulted in the complete and utter lack of “social mobility”, that is said to have exerted with success during the Renaissance era. Without social interaction, artists would not have had the chance to fully commit towards art. Therefore, it is not the simple fact that patrons had supplied artists with commissions and resources, but the fact that they had established an environment that cultivated and encouraged artists to bloom their potential. Art of the Renaissance period is defined by the unique expression of an individual and their respective artistic features such as posture and emotion. There was a lot of experimental attempts with new forms and traditional forms of medium. Such an example is the engraving technique that was widely regarded to be confined by the size of the printing frame and the type of burins. However, artists from the Renaissance period experimented with this medium by joining two printing metal plates together to produce a larger piece of work as well as experiment by using more than one type of burin to carve out a metal plate at a time in order to present different types of lines onto the
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