The Renaissance Man

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The Renaissance Man In the film there was a group named the double d’s. They are called double d’s meaning, dumbest dog shit. The people from that group are chosen to be in that group because those students are the ones that do not comprehend the army duty. Mr. Raga, the teacher from the group double d’s, was not as responsible. Facing some of his own consequences like, getting fired from his previous job, losing his relationship slowly with his only daughter, and not taking his new job as a teacher seriously. But during the film he went through some times where he changed. From the students touching him in an emotional level and being in an army base facility he changed. Three things that Mr. Rago changed was his character attitude,…show more content…
That’s something Mr. Rago taught his class. Like I said before, Mr. Rago was originally going to teach comprehensive but he taught something more important. He ended up teaching the student to reach for the stars. That success starts from your mind, your way of thinking, you can become whatever you decide to be and what you pursue; however it’s not just pursuing it, but also completing it even though there might be obstacles in the way. The central lesson that can be learned from this movie is that the choices you make dictate the life we live. Any choice you make or action you take make you become the person you are. You can become whatever you want to become if you put your mind and heart into it. Or just have to look within and take your determination to its fullest capability and reaching your
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