The Renaissance Of The Middle Ages

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In a general statement, the Renaissance was used to describe the time when Europeans starting to disregard the restrictive ideas of the Middle Ages. Renaissance, the term comes from the French translation of the Italian word “rinascita”, which means “rebirth” or the extreme and large amounts of changes that took place during the 15th and 16th centuries. The Renaissance is what brought forth the death of the Middle Ages and its what embodied the modern values of the new world for the first time. Many would describe this time as a cultural rebirth because through these centuries the entire world of art and literature was changed forever. This term also was used to describe the change in learning, which was caused by the discovery of old Greek and Latin manuscripts that had been hidden during the Middle Ages. This allowed for artist of the Renaissance to create a whole new version of themselves and everything around them. The Renaissance transformed art and literature in several ways, starting with the idea of Humanism. Humanism started in Italy and spread across Europe in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. In a nutshell, Humanism is the philosophy that people are actually rational beings. A lot of the art from the Renaissance focused around this new theory. This was because in earlier years, under the Church’s thoughts, the belief was that man is here on Earth due to sin, so therefore he should not enjoy the world. However, this completely changed during the Renaissance
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