The Renaissance Of The North

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When I think of the Renaissance of the North, I think immediately of Albrecht Dürer. His many various works cover a large variation of subjects, ranging from the religious and heavily symbolic to the secular world of man. His abilities to transform any medium within which he works is tremendous. Being one of the most well known and influential artists of the Northern Renaissance, Durer has been in immense influence since his time. Son of an expert goldsmith (Albrecht Durer the Elder), he was influenced artistically from a very young age. Born May of 1471, being the third child of fifteen or more siblings, his father wanted him to take on the family business. A very promising show of artistic talent from a young age made Durer ripe for the tutelage of artist Michael Wolgemut. Starting in 1486, Wolgemuts ' teachings would later heavily influence Druer 's realistic and intricate approach to any medium. Coming from Nuremberg, Germany; he would have been exposed to some of the finest wealth in the North, often used as a hub for publishing as well as many other luxury markets. Sharing strong ties with Italy, this would be a perfect background for Durer as a growing artist. Starting with woodcuts intended for book illustration, he felt the tug of passion and destiny through his art. With an artistic hunger and ready to learn, Durer made it a point to visit his Italian neighbors at least twice in his life, once in 1494 and again eleven years later in 1505. This was an
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