The Renaissance, Renaissance And The Renaissance Period

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Renaissance is a time period that starts a transitional cultural movement in Europe between medieval times and modern times. It means rebirth and begins in 14th century and lasts into the 17th century. Through out this time, many aspects were influenced by this cultural movement, such as art, music, science, religion and politics. Renaissance was marked by the humanistic revival, and people in Europe used this method in study, in order to searched for realism and human themselves in art. There are three stages within this time, called early Renaissance, high Renaissance and the late Renaissance. In history, the last two stages were very noticeable, although they both belongs to the Renaissance, there are many differences between…show more content…
His greatest art work Mona Lisa is a non-religious painting, it not only shows the idea of humanism, also gives out other characteristics in the High Renaissance which are the use of harmony and balance. No matter the color or the shadow scale, they all makes this painting more harmony. Also, the face and body of Mona Lisa are all in the middle, in order to give this painting a feeling of balance. Another example to show humanism is in Fra Filippo Lippi’s painting called Madonna and Child with Two Angels . In this art work, it is easy to see that Madonna and the Christ Child were drew just like human, in some ways people cannot even tell that these are divine figures. They have become so real, the outline of the halo gets weaker, Madonna’s facial expression looks sadly but not holy, although she is praying. In the late 15th century, Leonardo creates figures who are physical and real, and also come up with the other important element during the High Renaissance which is realism. When Leonardo was young, he was apprenticed to Andrea del Verrocchio — an famous Early Renaissance artist. He asked Leonardo to paint one of the angels in his painting called Baptism of Christ . His angle is beautiful and graceful, he shows the angle’s upper body twisting to the left, but her head is raising to the right. Those elements like moving gently and ideally are the typical of the High Renaissance. However, although the growing

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