The Renaissance : The Influence Of The Renaissance In Europe

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The Renaissance was an important period in Europe, in the 14th century, that had a lasting impact due to its humanistic style of art and literature. This period of influence marked the end of the Dark Ages. It began in northern Italy and eventually made it’s way to other European city-states. The art in this period had such a lasting effect, that many of the renowned artists from the Renaissance, are still adored today, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, who continue to inspire modern artists. This flourishing period gave way to a new style of thinking, that ended a period of decline, and brought development in Europe, to new heights.
Before the emergence of the Renaissance, Europe had been going through the Middle Ages or Dark Ages. This period brought about economic decline all throughout Western Europe, starting with the collapse of the Roman Empire. However, new ideologies emerged which contradicted those of the Middle Ages, these new beliefs were about a new look on religion and philosophy, which led to the emergence of Christianity in Europe and advances in science (“The Italian Renaissance”). Christianity strengthened and spread throughout Europe in this period primarily because of art and literature. This period of flourishing art and literature is known as the Renaissance. The Renaissance lasted for about 300 years and is split into three parts; the Proto-Renaissance (1300s), the Early Renaissance (1400s), and the High Renaissance (1500s) (“Italian
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