The Renaissance : The Rebirth Of Art, And Inventions

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The Renaissance period advanced dramatically through many cultural and scientific ways. This is recognized through the rebirth of art and inventions. Art saw the development of new techniques such as the light, shade and perspective to make the artists paintings more realistic and 3 dimensional. We discovered this through people like Botticelli who approached art very differently. My other chosen topic was inventions, which had a big impact on the change in renaissance time. One of the most important Inventions created by Johannes Gutenberg was the printing press as it allowed the rapid spread of new ideas and knowledge throughout Europe, it was fast and cheap and enabled people to read and write which increased literacy rates. Both of these influences enhanced the importance of the renaissance as well as the understanding that people had on these innovations, this was the opening to a path of new modern ideas. So the statement that the Renaissance is "studded by the name of the artists and architects, with their creations recorded as great historical events” is true. The renaissance was a time with significant change in visual techniques used in artwork with many celebrated artists coming from this period such as Michelangelo, Leonardo DA Vinci, Raphael, Donatella. One of the most significant artists who influenced the Renaissance of art was Botticelli who approached his art in a whole new way. In the middle ages artists based most of their artwork of religious nature
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