The Renaissance and Theater

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Bam! Out of nowhere the Italian Renaissance came and with a theater explosion. The Renaissance was a very extraordinary and influential period in history. The theater in Italy is what really influenced the theater in Elizabethan times and Europe today. Italy during the Renaissance was very different from other countries at that time. It was divided between Spain and France but Spain one of which had more control over. But the only thing normal about the Italian renaissance was that it was centered on the church (Butler). One of the history’s most famous plays was Orlando Furioso written by Ludovico Ariosto. The Italian Renaissance was mainly famous for its theater but it was also famous for its famous paintings portraits. It was mainly influenced by war, disease and cultural differences. These of which are just some of the topics that I will be talking about. The Renaissance had a good amount of history starting with the renaissance was having been the birthplace for the Roman Empire (Butler). The Renaissances fame also came with a lot of jealousy from countries like Spain and France. So wars broke out all over Italy for example the Italian wars of 1551-59 and the King Charles VIII’s war. Even with this history they had a thriving urban culture and a vibrant economy. The Renaissance defined itself by being a new kind of era with different opinions and a tradition of new studies. The Italian Renaissance also paved the way for the industrial revolution by challenging old
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