The Renaissance in Europe

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During the era known as the Renaissance, Europe underwent a cultural movement in which people regained interest in the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome. A renewed interest in philosophy and human individuality lead to the development of more worldly and nonreligious focuses. Europe sought knowledge from the ancient world and moved out of the Dark Ages. There was an explosion in art, literature, and architecture. New techniques and styles developed and older, forgotten techniques and styles were revived as these artforms moved away from the colder and darker styles of the Middle Ages.The Renaissance represents Europe moving away from a period of darkness and the rise of trade and exploration; however, the Renaissance would not have occurred if it weren’t for the Late Middle Ages. The events that occurred during the Late Middle Ages lead to changes that ultimately caused the emergence of the Renaissance in Europe.
Beginning in the 1000s, a spiritual revival spread across Europe, which lead to the birth of the Age of Faith. The Age of Faith inspired wars of religious conquest known as the Crusades. The goals of these wars were to recapture Jerusalem and the Holy Land from Muslim Turks. While Crusaders failed to achieve those goals, the Crusades did play a major role in the development of the Renaissance. The Crusades…
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