The Rengel Family

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The Rengel family
Have you ever gonetubing, skiing, fishing, swimming and had a campfire with fireworks all in a single day? If not, then you’ve never spent a day at the Cabin with the Rengel family. In this article you will learn my family's ups and downs, and why I would never trade them out for a billion dollars.

The youngest person in my family is, well she's not a person, but my dog Poppy. We got her a little over 1 year ago, and now she's 3 years old! Poppy is a Beagle and a Chihuahua mix, but she only has the colors of a beagle, charcoal black, coffee brown, and chalky white. My Dog loves to sleep, and when she's not sleeping, she’ll either be begging for us to play tug a war with her and her chewed up stuff animals, or searching for
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She won’t run away, though because she knows we’re the people that feed her treats and food. Since Poppy knows my dad’s the boss, we thought that she only let him teach her to do tricks. My dad taught her to sit, lay, and shake. But I proved that theory wrong. One day I kept on rolling, and rolling, and rolling her over. Three days later I was going to give her a treat for going on a walk, so I said TREAT and she got so excited she rolled over! My dog is the #1 greeter in the world because every day my family and I get home from something, Poppy greets us at the door by wagging her tail really fast, barking and smiling at us. I once had a black cat named Schmitty, but when we had to put her down I was really heartbroken because I had lived with her her for my whole entire life. 2 years later on a Friday in March, little did I know that this would be the day we got the 2 years old bundle of love that made my life 100 percent better. My dog loves food better than anything, but cuddling with us is definitely a close second. She will bark at any person or dog walking by and personally I think she likes barking so loud that it almost shakes the house. Poppy absolutely hates it when people get into her face, even her
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