The Rent Regulation Laws Of 2015

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When you were running for mayor you said that you will stand for the 99%, being true to your word you are trying to pass laws to help that 99%. More especially passing the Rent Regulation Laws of 2015 which will save hundreds of renters, but only solve the issue for the next four years. Also inclusionary zoning, where you give Developers tax breaks for just 20% of their apartments to be affordable rent. But who is it affordable for? The average household income in New York City where the rent is changing the most don’t make enough for the new affordable rent which is about 2700 a month. Also these solutions just solve the question of the limited stabilized rent and not the issue of stopping the removal of the population that was already there nor the gap between the rich and the poor. You said you are a mayor for the working class and their families and sought to protect our most vulnerable people from mistreatment. But the gap of wealth is getting larger and gentrification isn’t helping the people of New York City, it destroying us. Taking Greenpoint for example, it becoming a more desirable place for hipster and people who are starting new family, while catching the eyes of developer who want to do the same buy the areas around Geenpoint. I myself had seen these changes first handed by just walking down these old street that I had been walking for the past 18 years. I can say that some of the changes are good because they are fixing the areas up (by the river), adding
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