The Rent Room: A Fictional Narrative

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For some unknown reason, Jason felt like he'd just bought a bad car and the salesman couldn't wait for him to drive the car off the lot. He felt the need to sate his curiosity with at least one question. “Let me ask you one thing. Why is this house being rented for such a low price?” “We want to keep it rented. A low rent payment coming in to us is better than no rent payment” was the agent's reply. “But, this is a great house. I love it” Jason replied. “It seems like there would be a line of people just waiting for it to open up so they could move in.” “Yes, it would seem that way, wouldn't it? Well, since you asked, I'm required by law to tell you. A tragedy took place here many years ago. A family didn't survive it. Seems some folks are hesitant to rent a place that's had something happen in it. Most intelligent people shrug that stuff off,…show more content…
“That guy wanted out of here so he could go get drunk, I bet. Probably ain’t a thing to what he said.” A very faint giggle from a child seemed to come from behind him. Turning quickly, he saw nothing there. A slight chill ran through his body and he broke into a nervous laugh. “No, I'm sure I won't have any problems, either” he said laughing to himself. He'd be moving in first thing tomorrow so he needed to go and get a full night's sleep. He was happy it would be his last night at his father's house. Jason was much too old, and had been through way too much to live under his father's roof and under his father's rules. They’d already had a couple of arguments. I was evident Jason needed his own place. He checked all the doors and went upstairs to make sure all the lights were off. Walking back down the stairs, the chills returned as he felt he was being watched. Maybe it was just his imagination running away with him. He chuckled as that reminded him of the old Temptations tune by the same name. He started to hum it as he locked the front door behind
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