The Repercussion of Fracking

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Is there anything better that a cool glass of water on a hot day or a swim in a clear blue lake? We need water for drinking, and we need it for recreation. We use it in a thousand ways. Without it, we could not survive. Yet with more and more people on our planet, we are using a lot and also using it carelessly and that is effecting our everyday living.

You can’t walk across a college campus, past an office building, or through a park without seeing one, two, or ten empty bottles. Many are plastic water bottles. Trash bins overflow them. Those water bottles are a problem. Why? Because only one out of five bottles actually makes it to a recycling bin. Plastic bottles take centuries to decompose and if they are incinerated, toxic byproducts, such as chlorine gas and ash containing heavy metals, are releasing into the atmosphere. The rest are littered on our streets or over filing our landfills. They degrade our landscape and damage our environment. In addition the plastic water bottles are not biodegradable that is, they don’t decay. They remain as trash a hundreds of years.

Making all the plastic for those bottles uses 17 million barrels of crude oil annually. That is the equivalent to the fuel needed to keep 1 million vehicles on the road for 12 months so why are so many people drinking bottled waters? They believe that they are making a healthy choice. But the truth is that tap water is just as safe, often safer than bottled water. In fact, some bottled water is
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