The Repertory Dance Company Fall Dance

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The Repertory Dance Company Fall Dance Concert was held at the Mannoni Performing Arts Center. The dancers involved in this dance concert are part of the University of Southern Mississippi Dance Department meaning they are either pursuing a degree in dance or teach dance at a university level. Both students and faculty had the opportunity to present work during adjudication to be chosen to be presented at this concert. I particularly enjoyed this concert because, while all of the dances presented were a part of the broad genre of modern dance, each dance had such a unique aesthetic so the concert still provided a great amount of variety to keep the audience captivated. The two pieces I have chosen to review represent this variety very well. While one piece has a very intense aesthetic, the second offers a very inviting, happy experience. I chose these particular pieces because of the aesthetic experience I had while viewing them. My overall impression of the concert was that this it was marvelously put together. I thoroughly enjoyed every single dance, and I appreciate all of the hard work that went into the production. First I will review the dance “Separating the Strand” which was choreographed by Rebecca McArthur, a member of the USM faculty. This was an abstract dance that I thought had a lot of wisdom and insight on life. To me this dance spoke about going through the ups and downs of life and living life with other people. One of the choreographic elements that aided…
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