The Replacement Of A Single Tooth

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The replacement of a single tooth lost due to dental caries or trauma can be challenging for a clinician. Traditionally several options are indicated in order to restore the edentulous space including implant/crown, fixed partial dentures (FPD) or removable partial denture (RPD). However economic factors, occlusal disturbances, lack of adequate bone support or excessive removal of healthy dental structure are some of the limiting factors in the traditional treatment modalities.
One approach that is overlooked and may serve as a good treatment modality is the Fiber Reinforced Composite Bridge (FRCB). FRCBs are minimally invasive and economic treatment modalities that can be utilized to replace of a missing tooth and restore an edentulous space.
The ideal site for a conservative FRCB is an edentulous space spanning one to two teeth. Other considerations include occlusion or the bite relation, periodontal status, oral hygiene, and the status of abutment teeth.
It should be noted that this modality of treatment is the not the most ideal modaility of treatment however, it does provide an alternative approach if the ideal modality (Implant/Crown, FPD, RPD) is not accepted or acceptable. Patient accepting this treatment modality should be aware that there is a risk of aspiration. Retention with FRCB cannot reach the level of FPDs; more conservative preparations and bonded nature FRCBs are two reasons worth noting. Patients should exercise care chewing directly…
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