The Report Of A Burglary

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On 02/05/2017 I was dispatched to 524 E. 30th Ave. North for the report of a burglary. When I arrived, I noted the front of the house was facing south. The house was a single level, white in color with a tin roof. The front of the house had a porch that also faced the south. When I pulled into the driveway, two people were standing on the front porch. I walked up to the porch and the two individuals identified themselves as the home owners. The male identified himself as Augustus Arterburn 05/07/1993, and the female identified herself as Isabella Cook 03/20/1993. Augustus said Isabella and him left the house on 02/05/2017 at around 1300 hours, they went to Oklahoma and then to a super bowl party. They returned to the house on 02/05/2017…show more content…
We then walked into the living room that was the next room to the south. Augustus pointed to a TV stand that was sitting on the east wall. He said a 42 inch Emerson flat screen TV was sitting on the stand. He described the TV as all black with metal legs used as the base. He also said a stack of 20 miscellaneous DVD 's were taken on the TV stand. We then walked into the kitchen that was located to the south of the living room. Augustus said when they left the house the pile of clothes that were on the ground were directly in front of the back door. When they returned home the clothes were all pushed up against the wall because the back door had been opened. The rear door to the house faced the north and no lights were on. The rear door only locks with the door handle lock and was undamaged. Augustus and Isabella said they had looked over the entire house and only the items listed above were taken. Augustus said two other flat screen TV 's were not taken and he had firearms in the bedroom that were not tampered with. I asked Augustus if he owned the home or if he was renting, he said they were renting and had just moved in. I asked him if he had the locks changed since they had moved in, he said no. Augustus then told me he had the only two keys. I told him he had the only two keys that he knew about, I then asked him if he knew the previous tenants name. He was able to provide me with the prior tenant and landlords name and phone
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