The Report On The Undercover Boss Television

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POLS 545 Overview of the Organization The Undercover Boss television show highlighted a variety of different theoretical frameworks within the six seasons presented on Netflix. In “season six, episode thirteen” the undercover boss in this episode was Greg Miller. Greg is currently the CEO and owner of the Utah Jazz National Basketball team in Salt Lake City, Utah. The family business was passed down to Greg from his father, Larry H. Miller who passed away. The Jazz organization has about 90 members within their System of Hierarchy (See Appendix A). Every department reports to Randy Rigby (President), and his report are giving to the CEO. The Utah Jazz mission is the rightful become one of the National Basketball Association elite teams. The arena was built to restore life within the community of Salt Lake nevertheless giving the citizen an opportunity to cheer for their team, as well as become prideful of their Utah Jazz. Current Theoretical Framework Weber Ideal-Type Bureaucracy was identified as the organizational theory operating in the Utah Jazz Organization. The organization was structured very simple to Weber Ideal Bureaucracy because it consists of fixed official duties, Hierarchy of authority, systems of rules, technical expertise, career service, and written documentation (Thompkins, 2005). Fixed official duties were highlighted into the organization, and each department (Floor Crew, Concession Stand, and Dunk Team) has a unique way of completing their task. Each

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