The Report On Wiltshire Farm Foods

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Wiltshire Farm foods are one of the UK’s top frozen meal’s home delivery specialists. They were established in 1991 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire (Wiltshire Farm Foods, 2012). Wiltshire Farm Foods are a partition of the Apetito group, whose support has helped achieved great success. Apetito Ltd is known for specialising in delivering meals to the UK’s local authorities. Their success helped them earn the Queens Award for Innovation in 2005. Furthermore, in 2009 they won two marketing awards at the Franchise Marketing Awards; best website and best online marketing campaign (Press Release Point, 2009). Wiltshire Farm Foods main customers are the elderly, as they require meals to be delivered to them. Their website is designed to be user friendly and easy to use especially for the elderly. “They produce a large range of over 250 meals and desserts” (Wiltshire Farm Foods, 2012). Wiltshire Farm Foods have grown nationwide within the UK, “covering 99.5% of the UK population with seventy franchises” (Franchise UK, 2014). Their marketing success has helped them achieve sustainable growth since 2009 and they are continuing to grow and progress; it has been noted that they are a “highly successful £12 billion UK franchise industry” (This is Wiltshire, 2009). Franchisees within the specialists of delivering meals have experienced growth rates of 80% (Wiltshire Farm Foods, 2012). Due to a customer base in all areas across the UK some of their sales growths have peaked between £500K and

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