The Representation Of Gender And Media

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Nowadays the representation of gender in media has become very common. It is all about the representation of phenomenally rapid change: change’s in gender relation transformations in media technologies, regulatory frameworks, content ownership and theoretical revolutions in the approaches used to make sense of gender representations. Gender and media aims to freeze the frame, press the pause button, or hit the refresh key to construct that how media shows social stereotypes. There are many advertisements which influences people, the one such advertisement is of Van Heusen brand advertising for men’s wear tie. These advertisement clearly reflects gender inequality.
Since then, of course, the role of women in society and representation in advertising has come a long way. The feminist movement in the 70s helped to break down barriers for women, leading to improved career opportunities and more equality in the workplace and the home. We can see in the picture how a girl is lying down near a shoe, and at the very top of it a message is written in bold whit letters keep her where she belongs. This shows that how they have compared a woman with a shoe and the women is without the clothes on her body which shows gender biased advertisement. These seems that they are trying to say that women’s are not equal to men. In the second half picture, at the very top it is written that “show her it is men world” which is kind of reflecting the inequality’s in the gender. And in the picture we
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