The Representation Of Media Representation

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In today’s vast globalized world, representation is present and has left its impact everywhere, from politics to media to parts of our everyday life. Representation is defined as the description or portrayal of someone or something in a particular way (Oxford University Press, 2016). This has shaped the way people think, talk and view the things around them. Thus, media representation is the portrayal of a group, community, person, event, idea, experience or perspective by the media, regardless of whether it is visual or verbal. Media representation is also a choice made in constructing facets of reality such as people, places, objects and events in media. Such representations exist in a multitude of forms such as print, films and writing. Generally, it would be difficult to showcase every feature of the person or thing, hence, media has been essentialising the representations to suit the views of the majority.

Media representations show a version of reality that appeals to the masses, seldom appealing to the minority. Media representation matters as it shapes and influences the perspectives, thoughts, beliefs and recreates reality and has representations on age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, social statuses and many more. Media representation is also important as representations are constructed, representations are judged and representations are selected. They also carry the power to impact society and could be passed down from a generation to another. Therefore, it

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