The Representation Of Race, Class And Gender

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The representations of race, class and gender in the media promote various forms of oppressions. Ideologies of class that commemorate the upper class and diminish the lower class are seen in many programs. Ideologies of gender that discriminate women and promote sexism, ideologies of race that misrepresent people of color are mostly created by people who have different perspectives and ideologies. For instance in a 2008 television commercial for the Japanese cell phone companies, a monkey is shown in an election campaign with the slogan “Change,” the same slogan widely used during the campaign of the first African-American president of the U.S., Barack Obama. Because the media creates a global flow of images, this image circulated all over the word which certainly reinforced prejudices about black. This shows how people who own and control the media transmit dominant ideologies. Today the level of media saturation has tremendously increased. Television and other forms of media can be found in the poorest of homes. The excess availability of the media also comes with overcrowding channels which target different audiences. Programming featuring sports to reality TV are diverse genres of shows that aim to please all ages, incomes, backgrounds and attitudes. Because many media corporations are for profit, they spend a considerable amount of money to determine the amount of demand that the public wants. The media then produces services and goods to satisfy the market demand.…

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