The Representation Of Women 's Miss Representation

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The title Miss Representation is very significant in a multitude of ways. Not only does it represent the miss representation of women socially, but also politically.
The media is a large part in the outburst of wrong messages being sent about women in society. The documentary argues that women in the media are portrayed derogatively, that what is portrayed in the media isn’t reality. In the documentary they give the example of how women who take leading roles are portrayed as controlling, bitchy, and demanding. Majority of movies that contain a women as a leading roles make sure to have a male character present to help balance out the woman, where he is looked at as the savior. In the movie the Proposal, Sandra Bullock is portrayed as the up-tight boss that needs a guy to calm her and get her to loosen up. There are very few movies that depict women in a positive light as a leading character and when they do, for example black widow in captain America, or mystique in x-men, they are highly sexualized. Mystique in x-men is naked when she turns into her non-human form. Black widow in captain
America wears tight body fitting leather suit. This just shows the miss representation of women not being looked at seriously enough to be casted in a leading role without the means of a man or the push to be sexy.
This outward portrayal of women are viewed by everyone and this influences both young guys and girls on how to think, act, and be when they get older. Around the 1940s,
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