The Representation of Teenagers in the Media Essay

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The Representation of Teenagers in the Media

Throughout the media we see representation of teenagers. This can show teenagers in positive and negative lights. Teenagers are found in magazines, advertising, television and films, and they are targeted by newspapers and magazines etc. There are two different newspapers reports from the ‘Daily Mail’ and the ‘Dorset Echo’ that are part of this representation.

“Perverted tennis club coach jailed for seducing pupil of 15."

This report is written by a tabloid called the Daily Mail and is about a perverted tennis club coach who has been jailed for seducing and under-age, pupil protégé.

The view portrayed by this report is negative, I have come to
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The image is positioned over on the right-hand side of the page. This is a psychological tactic that is used in almost every newspaper report or article. It works because this is where the eye immediately looks on a page, and if you put an interesting picture there, that makes the reader want to buy the newspaper and read the report.

In this report, the expressions and gestures in the pictures portray a lot. The photo editor has very cleverly compiled this picture. The photos are presented side by side, the subjects looking at each other.

The photographer has captured a shot of each of the subjects; one looking right and the other looking left. Marc Lewis, 26, the accused, is looking to the right with an expression of content and slyness, which could almost be perceived as a perverted stare. This portrays the subject in the desired light of the journalist- negatively.

The girl is accompanied by another female on her right; the girl’s face is blurred out for legal reasons, this suggests that she is innocent and would like to keep her identity a secret, so after the trial and conviction of Marc Lewis she can put the whole ordeal behind her. She is looking across her right shoulder with an expression of concern. The picture editor has made it look like she is looking at him in anxiety. Lewis is facing towards the reader and the girl is facing backwards making it seem that she needs
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