Essay on The Representation of Women in Some Like It Hot and Alien 3

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The Representation of Women in Some Like It Hot and Alien 3

This essay will be about how women are and have been represented in films in the past and how they are represented nowadays. I will be looking at the roles and representations of women in 'Some Like It Hot' and 'Alien 3'.

'Some Like It Hot' was made in 1958. Marilyn Monroe starts in the comedy as Sugar Cane who is a very feminine musician. 'Alien 3' on the other hand was made 40 years after and is a sci-fi horror. Sigourney Weaver is the star of the film and plays the character Lt. Ripley. Unlike Sugar Cane, Lt. Ripley is a very tough and manly character.

'Some Like It Hot' is about two musicians. They witness a massacre and try to
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This shows that all a woman's ambition is, is to be a wife which represents women to be very shallow and needy. It is ironic that the man Sugar Cane describes as the one she will never fall for, is the type of man she does fall for.

In the film, Tony Curtis plays Joe who is one of the musicians on the run. When he cross dresses, he becomes Josephine and becomes close with Sugar. He lures her in and encourages her to confess her dream husband. He then transforms himself into this character called Junior so he can get her. In the end, when he confesses that he isn't Josephine or Junior, Sugar Cane doesn't get annoyed that she was fooled by him. Instead, she runs away with him. This portrays Sugar Cane to be a very narrow-minded character that has nothing else on her mind.

There are other representations of women in 'Some Like It Hot'. The two musicians who are on the run have to cross dress as they have got jobs in an all female band. Tony Curtis plays Josephine and Jack Lemmon plays Daphne. While dressed as women, the two men experience how much women are discriminated against and used. They react to this by acting how they would expect to women to act and experience yet even more discrimination. However, their minds don't change in the slightest and both have Sugar Cane on their minds. They both compete to win her heart and both try getting very close to her as women.

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