The Representation of the ‘Bond Girl' Essay

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Whenever there is a Bond film, there is always a Bond girl. She is as indispensable as the gadgets, the car, the chase and the villain set on overtaking the earth.
They have always been in the centre of controversy; they have always been branded as beautiful women (often with sexually overt names) who need Bond and ironically, Bond cannot complete his mission without them. They always seem to have perfection in everything they do. However, this portrayal of women can be somewhat unrealistic. Some may want the representation of the ‘Bond Girl' to stay as it is but others may want the portrayal of the ‘Bond Girl' to depict the modern idea of ‘girl power.'
I for one think that this representation of women is harmless, partly because it is
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Another purpose of the Bond Girl is simply to provide the audience with the right mixture of glamour, glitz and showbiz. Their image also helps reinforce Bond's reputation of being irresistible and in command.

Nevertheless, all that glamour usually comes with a price. Being a Bond Girl has frequently been at once the pinnacle of an aspiring actress' career and the end of it. For example, Shirley Eaton, best remembered for being painted gold in Goldfinger back in 1964. Nobody remembers her at all. Nobody remembers how her husband died young and how she struggled to find other major roles after being all gold for Sean Connery. It was the beginning and the end for her in one shimmering moment. The Bond girl seemed a celebration of newly liberated female sexuality. However, that is the illusion of the Bond philosophy, because when it comes to making it as an actress, all that glitters in a Bond movie is definitely not gold. Once the public has seen you in a Bond Movie as a Bond Girl, they automatically conclude that you are ‘dumb' because, portraying a Bond girl isn't exactly a stretch for a young aspiring actress.

All Bond Girls come with the regular accessories, a body to die for and one that looks best in bikinis, permanent good hair days, a weird name (e.g. Kissy Suzuki) and plus the ability to coo ‘oh James!' as she slides between the satin sheets with Mr

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