The Reprimand Essay

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Sympathy in The Reprimand Sympathy is an extension of empathic concern, or the perception, understanding, and reaction to the distress or need of another human being. Sympathy must be given and received in order for the world to operate because all humans make mistakes that impact other people’s lives. The Reprimand is a short “phone play” written by Jane Anderson in 2000. The two characters, Rhona and Mim, have a confrontation about what Rhona believes to be an inappropriate remark during a meeting. In The Reprimand, Mim deserves the most sympathy from the audience because Rhona intentionally manipulates her into believing she is not respected by her male co-workers. Mim deserves the most sympathy because Rhona tells her that she…show more content…
This single comment by Mim lets everyone know that she really is hurt by the situation. In any situation, the audience will give sympathy to the character who is degraded by the other characters just like Mim is degraded by Rhona. Rhona does not deserve the sympathy of the audience because she did not handle the situation in a professional manner. She is too forceful and degrading to Mim when she confronts her about Mim’s comment. Rhona says, “but you didn’t say better, you said bigger” (Anderson 1783). She corrects what Mim meant by her comment to make her sound like she was trying to be mean, when she actually was trying to do something nice for her because it was Rhona’s project. She was implying that Rhona deserved the big chair because it was her project and she would most likely be leading the meeting with the other employees. This act of kindness and respect is turned around to be mean and disrespectful by Rhona. Rhona says, “Honey, there was a reason why Dick and Danny asked you all the follow-up questions” (Anderson 1784). Rhona is implying to Mim that she took the attention away from her even though she is the one who is in charge of the project. Sympathy should not be given to Rhona because she comes across as a selfish woman who just wants to be the center of attention. Most people do not appreciate this type of personality. One last meaningful thing that Rhona
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