The Republic Book 1 Summary

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The republic is a wonderful classic book. Book 1 has three levels of mythos (image), Eragon and logos (discussion). The narrator Socrates reveal the events that take place in cephalus house at the Piraeus (the port of Athens) on the festival day of god (artemis). Socrates has done many adventures, explorations and democrats that is essential to give power that drove Athens to empire and democracy. In book Socrates makes a tour of contemporary definitions of justice and shows the problem with each. Socrates discuss the meaning of justice with cephalus , polemarchus , and thrasymachus . Now we will talk about cephalus , the old rich man and he was economic dealings with no rights. He think that justice is telling the truth and paying your faith , so he is trapped by Socrates example of giving a sword back to a friend temporarily mad with anger then polemarchus join the discussion said that justice is doing good for friends and harm to enemies . Socrates objected about polemarchus definition if person will also be good at useless things and at being unjust. We often do not know who are our friend and enemies are. Socrates at the end of that justice does not seem to be treat anyone badly not enemies only.
Thrasymachus is fighter who suddenly switch the discussion and turn the conflict as the following:
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He also thinking that ruler do not make a mistake then he examines the actual behavior of ruler while Socrates examines ruler should behave to get the justice. Thrasymachus want to view the idea of the real government while Socrates want to describe the ideal of government. The final of book 1 is to identify the meaning of justice. Book 1 inquiry into the nature of justice whether it evil or good and no one can understand the nature of justice because It different from one to another. At the end Socrates did not accepting any of the conclusions about
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