The Republic, By Plato

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The Republic, Written by Plato deals with the many definitions/opinions of what “justice” really means. Socrates truly examines what he thinks the true value behind the word actually is. However, he isn’t alone other characters such as Cephalus, Thrasymachus, and Polemarchus all have something to contribute to the conversation. Socrates is the man who checks the truth behind each one, while Plato shares his thoughts on what Socrates believes is true. Truth in all the arguments and what each person brings to the table help them figure out what justice means. Justice in the eye of Socrates is not a simple answer or definition but there are many different components that factor in the create the best possible city which is justice.
Cephalus gets the conversation started when asked by Socrates what he considers to be the greatest blessing which he obtained from his wealth. Cephalus responds by speaking from his experience saying when “a man” has been close to death, and fears he starts to see the world differently, clearer. The wrongs he has done in his life start to haunt him and weight a heavy burden in his mind. He then starts off by saying “Hope” gets him through his dark times and it “cherishes the soul” of those who live in “justice and holiness.” (6). “What is justice” would immediately be the next question that would stomp not only Cephalus but the other men as well and yet again asked by Socrates. Socrates disagrees with Cephalus on his response which was to speak the

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