The Republic, By Plato

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This textual analysis will be based on the book “The Republic” by Plato, specifically the passage 475d-477a. The purpose of this essay is to analyze and evaluate the main concepts explored in the passage and their relation to the platonic political philosophy presented in “The Republic”. The essay will provide a summary of the passage, emphasizing the breakthroughs reached in the Socratic dialogue. The main points will then be singled out for a more in-depth review in order to see if the arguments made by Socrates stand solid. Three main concepts will be delved into in a chronological order, those being philosophers and imitators, perceptive reality and absolute knowledge, with the analysis of the true meaning, and the implications raised…show more content…
This applies to all elements, and those form a cluster. Imitators are the one’s that cannot penetrate the cluster and single out aspects of reality. True philosophers can realize the absolute truth and essence of every aspect. Non-philosophers perceive only bits of the cluster of forms of reality and produce a copy of it. Therefore, the imitators only have an opinion about the reality. The presence of opinion of the imitator means that he does know something that truly is, because the non existent can’t be known. Yet, if absolute knowledge is at the one end of the spectrum corresponding with true existent matters and ignorance is at the other end of the extreme corresponding to non-existent matters, the middle ground between those is opinion, and is therefore less valuable than absolute knowledge. The middle ground is as far as the imitators go. (Reeve 2004)

This passage was introduced straight after Socrates created the perfect state. It contributes by stressing the importance of the philosopher kings, assuming that the state is now a finished perfect body and needs a perfect ruler. This passage changes the direction of the argument, putting an end to the state’s first half and beginning to deal with the second half that is just as important in order for it to be fully-fledged. This passage is important, because the
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