The Republic Of Botswan A Country With A Fairy Tale Success Story

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The Republic of Botswana is a country with a fairy tale success story. It began as an independent country that was one of the poorest in the world, and built itself up to be an African success story. It is a landlocked country, which most often means its fate is left in the hands of the surrounding countries. Botswana built a very successful diamond mining empire as well as a cattle industry, and has grown into a successful middle-income country.
The Republic of Botswana is considered to be one of the most established countries in Africa (BBC News, 2016). Surrounded by Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, and Angola, it is a landlocked country in the southern part of Africa, below the equator. The capital is Gaborone, and the current population of the Republic of Botswana is around two million, with an area of 224,607 square miles, and is known as one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. Eighty percent of the country is the Kalahari Desert, and it only receives about 500 mm of rain per year. English is the official language, but Setswana is also a major language spoken throughout the country. Christianity and other indigenous beliefs are popular religions in the country (BBC News, 2016).
In 1966, the Republic of Botswana gained independence, and elected Seretse Khama as its first president. Khama was a chief of the Bangwato tribe of north Botswana, but he maintained a balance while leading the country, and appointed government officials that would help

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