The Republic Of Ghana Is A West African State

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The Republic of Ghana is a West African State with an estimated population of about twenty seven million, forty three thousand, and ninety-three people (27,043,093) with 13,800,384 of this figure (51%) representing females and 13,242,709 (49%) representing the male population (Ghana Statistical Service 2015).
According to Poverty trends in 2007, an estimated 40% of Ghanaians were classified as being “poor”, thus referring to citizens who have the capacity to meet their basic nutritional needs, but are unable to cater for additional necessities such as health, shelter, clothing and education. In addition, approximately 14.7% of the population were afflicted by “extreme poverty” and were thus unable to cater for basic human needs including their nutritional requirements and additionally suffer from inter-generational poverty (Ministry of Manpower Youth and Employment 2008).
In its quest to stamp out the harsh realities of poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goal 1 (MDG1) of reducing extreme poverty by half by the end of 2015, the Government of Ghana (GoG) drafted the National Social Protection Strategy in 2007.
The creation of the National Social Protection Strategy (NSPS) symbolizes the Government of Ghana’s (GoG) willingness of ensuring a harmonious and economically sufficient society by rolling out sustainable programmes for the protection of persons living in extreme poverty and vulnerable conditions (Ministry of Manpower Youth and Employment…

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